Tuesday, January 12, 2010


ADMT means to me that we are going to make art in a new way by using computers to help us. I think an student who studies ADMT should hve lots of inspiration to make lots of art. I hope that i can ake an picture that shows nature. I think i can do this if i work hard and don`t give up. file:///var/folders/lZ/lZH5Q5xYFJKic73gvyyfrU+++TI/-Tmp-/com.apple.PhotoBooth-T0x1001176a0.tmp.falmu2/Photo%20on%202010-01-13%20at%2015.52%20%232.jpg This is the link for my picture.I think if the world did not have ADMT,the world would be very plain,without art or pictures

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